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Welcome to my web site and enjoy your visit

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 Raoulia eximia (New Zealand, Mount Hutt)

Colchicum speciosum (Turkey, Zigana Pass)

IIn February, Franz Hadacek had to visit the hospital with pneumonia. He managed to leave the hospital but not to recover from this disease. He died peacefully at home.

This website is to remember him and his love for alpine plants. No further updates will be made.


I am married and retired. My son and daughter-in-law are both botanists. Stefan Hoerandl is my grandson. My active live I spent as an official.

I am living in Vienna, the capital city of Austria (Europe).

My interest in alpine plants started about 45 years ago.

I have visited many nurseries and gardens in Europe, including the British Islands, during the last decades. My plant-hunting travels have led me to the European mountains, Greece, Turkey, and finally to New Zealand. During the years I have tried and still try to grow alpine plants and bulbs in my garden, the major prerequisite for me to be fond of them being their small size (not higher than 10 centimetres or 4 inch). The blossoms of those plants I managed to grow from seed gave me the greatest pleasure.

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Primula clusiana (in my garden)


I am a member of the following societies:

The Alpine Garden Society
The Scottish Rock Garden Club
The Saxifraga Society
The Androsace Group

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Gentiana acaulis (Switzerland, Bernina)