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Gentiana clusii


I garden in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The city is geographically situated in the centre of Europe on the western end of the Hungarian Plain.

My garden is situated on a small hill in the south of Vienna. We have a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters, often without snow (USDA hardiness zone 6).


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Rock garden

Rock garden


The total average rainfall is about 600-650 mm per year.


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Rock garden

Rock garden


The most driest months are July and August. My garden is situated in one of the hottest and driest corner in our city, some vineyards are not far away.


Rock garden in spring


Rock garden in spring

Rock garden in spring

Rock garden in spring

Rock garden in spring

Rock garden in spring

Rock garden in spring

Rock garden in spring

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Bulb frame




  My garden is small, only 500 square meters in a rectangular shape, the aesthetic element, thus, has to be of secondary importance to me.


Linaria globosa nana

Sax. longifolia Trouhg.jpg (63619 bytes)

Trough with Saxifraga longifolia

Lewisia rediviva


The in general unfavourable climate for alpine plants has required special adaptations to be made in my garden to grow plants from various habitats. I have no alpine house, because the majority of the alpine plants I grow would not survive our hot summers within.


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Frame in summer


Frames have proven to be the method of choice to grow alpine plants. Plastic roofs protect from occasional thunderstorms and hail in summer and ice in winter. Additionally they provide additional control for moisture.


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Frame in spring

Frame in spring

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Androsace in spring

Androsace ciliata in spring

I have had and still have troubles growing many of the alpines, but some bulbs grow like weeds.

Dracunculus musci.jpg (32263 bytes)

Dracunculus muscivorus in my bulb frame

     Many colchicums grow without difficulty in the open garden, but the dwarfer ones need protection in a frame.

Colchicum Waterlily.jpg (39533 bytes)

Colchicum 'Waterlily' in the garden

Colchicum sp.- a autumn flowering species from Turkey in my bulb frame


Colchicum speciosum

Colchicum speciosum and other.

Sternbergia sicula

Autumn flowering Crocus species in my garden, many have escaped from my frame.

Spring flowering Crocus species and Eranthis hyemalis in my garden, many have escaped from my frame

Spring flowering Crocus and Galantus in meadow

Spring flowering Crocus in meadow

Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin likes my meadow also.

Cyclamen coum is easily grown in my meadow. Will often produce self-sown seedlings.

Cyclamen coum like the frame.

I planted 10 Sternbergia 30 years ago.

Saxifraga longifolia

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